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This FAQ handles Subway Surfers inquiries related to versions 1.113 (World Tour City destination – Chicago) and lower. For inquiries related to versions 1.114 (World Tour City destination – Beijing) and higher, please take a look at SYBO’s Subway Surfers FAQ page and/or submit a ticket at:

Generally, items bought in our games are non-refundable. But in certain cases it is possible. Purchases made on an Apple (iOS) device If the purchase was made on an iOS device, we cannot handle the refund. We suggest that you visit the Apple support page and log in with your Apple ID to request a refund: Purchases made on an Android device Send an email to our support team using the contact form below. Please include the receipt that was sent to the email address associated with your Google account.

If the game crashed during a run, it might be because your device ran out of virtual memory (RAM) while playing. The longer time you run, the more resources the game requires. This increases the risk of running low on memory. A crash of this type is typically found on low-end and older devices.

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