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  • Can I play Spellbinders?

    Being able to play Spellbinders depends mostly on the hardware of the device you want to use it on. Generally speaking, all devices with over 200 pixel density displays and a decent graphics processor will be able to run the game. Contact us if in doubt.

    Spellbinders can be downloaded completely for free on the App Store and Google Play store, and offers in-app purchases.

  • My game does not run smoothly, what can I do?

    Make sure that you do not have a lot of other apps running at the same time, since this can have a significant impact on the performance of the game.

    On Android, you can try clearing the cache.

  • Can I sync my game across devices?

    Yes! All you need to do is connect the game with Facebook, and your progress will be saved, you can pick up on any device where you left off, and can see how far your friends are.

  • What should I do about unauthorized purchases? How do I set up password protection?

    Contact us indicating the device you use and we will guide you further.

  • I cannot download or update the game!

    On iOS, you might have parental control turned on, and will have to disable it. Go to Settings > General > Tap Restrictions > Turn off restrictions on Spellbinders.

    On Android, this is most likely an issue with Google Play. Go to Settings > Apps > Google Play > Clear Cache.

  • Can I read the privacy policy?

    You can find it here.





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