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  • Can I play this game?

    Being able to play the game depends mostly on the hardware of the device you want to use it on. Generally speaking, all devices with over 200 pixel density displays and a decent graphics processor will be able to run the game. Contact us if in doubt.

    The game can be downloaded completely for free on the App Store and Google Play in selected territories, and offers in-app purchases.

  • The game lags on my device. Why?

    If the game is lagging on your device, it might be because it is lacking the necessary resources to run the game. In order to free up resources, it is usually a good idea to:
    Close all apps running in the background
    Turn your device off and on again
    If this fails to help, please contact us.

  • Can I get a refund for an unauthorized or accidental purchase?

    Generally, items bought in our games are non-refundable. But in certain cases it is possible. Please contact us indicating the device you use and we will guide you further.





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