KILOO Playtester

Would you like to play mobile games and be rewarded for doing so? Then sign up to become a Kiloo Playtester and help us improve our upcoming games!

As a Playtester you get to play our games before release. During the play session we want to hear your honest opinion, and we will ask you a few, simple questions about your experience playing the game. Currently we reward Playtesters with a gift card to Aarhus City Forening.

All playtests take place at our headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark, and each test usually takes less than an hour to complete. We need testers with all kinds of gaming experience and skill levels.

Sign up via the form relevant for you to become part of our team of Playtesters:

Use this form if you are below 18 years.
Use this form if you are 18 years or older.

We reach out to Playtesters on an ongoing basis based on profile and the intended audience of the game.

NOTE! This is not a permanent position.